Patient Care

Doing What It Takes To Maximize Surgical Outcomes

Any surgical procedure begins long before our physicians scrub up. Everything begins with a one-on-one conversation with one of our top surgeons. We thoroughly explore your medical history, identify your primary pain points and offer the best options for your unique condition. From here, we offer an array of additional services to ensure not only an optimal result and full recovery, but also your comfort along the way.

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Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)

Our team employs a system called Enhanced Recovery After Surgery – or ERAS.  This systematic approach to optimizing your care involves the creation of a comprehensive scope surrounding your procedure and recovery, one that is designed to  quicken your return to normal life.

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Pain Management

It is normal to feel some sort of pain or discomfort after your procedure. Our team’s mission is to mitigate that pain and allow you to fully manage the discomfort so you can make a timely and complete recovery.

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Pre-Op Care

Riverside Surgical Associates has a robust pre-operation protocol designed to identify what we must do, together, to ensure an optimal surgical outcome. What medications are you currently taking? Should you take them the day of your surgery? What should you eat before? We’ve got you covered!

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Post-Op Care

Once the procedure is complete, our new goal is to help you get back to 100%! From activity lists, to local wound care, to diet considerations, we cover all of the bases so you can be comfortable as you increase your mobility and get back to normal.

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