Our Surgical Specialties Overview

Riverside Surgical Associates offers a number of comprehensive, modern treatment options for even the most complex health conditions and situations. We are always expanding our knowledge and refining our skills to improve the level of care each patient receives.

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Robotic Surgery

With the assistance of robotic surgery technologies, our team is able to take a minimally invasive approach to surgery with less pain and quicker recovery.

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Sports Hernia

A Sports Hernia – sometimes referred to as “Hockey Groin” – is a groin-based tear most often stemming from athletic activity. Treatment for a Sports Hernia is determined by age, symptoms, type of tears and more.

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GERD (Linx)

Our gastrointestinal experts can help properly diagnose your condition, offer surgical (including Linx) and non-surgical solutions and perform the treatment that is optimal for your unique circumstances.

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Chest Wall Injury & Rib Fixation

Our physicians take special interest in treating traumatic chest wall injury and rib fractures with methods that go beyond pain medications and anesthesia. We are dedicated to promoting the advancement of care to these patients.

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