Pre-Op Care

Preparing You For Your Operation

Our physicians are fully dedicated to improving your current condition through surgical intervention, making pre-operation care critical at this point in the process. We offer full transparency to each patient to improve surgical outcomes and ask for full disclosure about medical history and current medications so we know exactly how to prepare you for a procedure. With this information, we can design a pre-op care plan to best set you up for a full recovery!

Home Medications

  • Please bring list of home medications.  Some of which may need to be taken as normal, held the day of surgery or even held several days before surgery.

Identifying & Optimizing Medical Conditions

  • Depending on your baseline medical problems and the complexity of you surgery, you may need you medicals issues looked at and improved prior to surgery.
  • Conditions, such as diabetes, may inhibit healing and increase complication rates if not optimized.

Optimizing Nutritional Status: Designing a Diet for Maximized Therapeutic Outcomes

  • Nutrition is needed to heal any surgery.
  • Optimized nutrition has been to shown to decrease complications and lead to quick recovery back to normal life

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