Pain Management

Your Pain Control is Important to Us.

At Riverside Surgical Associates, we focus on your pain control, optimize a multimodal approach and attempt to limit/avoid narcotics if able due to their adverse effects. Your comfort is important to us and could help facilitate the recovery the process.

Minimizing Discomfort, Maximizing Results

We attempt to limit the pain and recovery of surgery using advance techniques including minimally invasive surgery and protocols including ERAS (Enhance Recovery After Surgery).

Other Ways We Attempt to Mitigate Your Pain

We use adjuncts, such as long acting local anesthetic, regional nerve blocks and epidural anesthesia, when appropriate
We preemptively treat your pain which decreases overall pain and medication requirements
We attempt to optimize your pain control with nonnarcotic agents such as Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and Ibuprofen (Advil) if medically able
If narcotics are needed you will likely benefit from stool softeners
Ice is a great adjunct that decreases pain, swelling and inflammation with minimal risk

Contact Your Pain-Conscious Surgical Specialists

Have additional questions about our pain management techniques? Looking for treatment to help mitigate your pain and discomfort? We are here for you.