Personalized Surgical Treatments in Columbus, Ohio

We are a general surgery practice in Columbus, Ohio whose primary goal is to provide excellent specialty care to our patients using state-of-the-art surgical techniques to mitigate the use of prescription pain medications.

Board-Certified General Surgeons

Performing Minimally Invasive Surgery, Including Advanced Laparoscopic Procedures

We are dedicated to providing the best surgical and non-surgical care to our patients, while promoting the advancement of our field. We specialize in treating the following conditions:

Leveraging Advanced Technologies & Modern Approaches For Our Patients

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving. Our practice is dedicated to staying abreast of new changes, and being on the forefront of advances in our field. We adopt new technologies and evidence- based approaches to care as they arise in an effort to best treat each individual patient – from robotic surgery options, to innovative GERD treatments and beyond.

Our Specialties

Who We Are:

The Personalities Behind the Expertise

Our physicians are fully committed to the care of our patients. From the time you step into our office, until the moment you make a full recovery, we ensure that you will be given the personalized attention you deserve and the best surgical treatments available!

Meet Our Physicians

Our Dedication to Complete Patient Care

Diagnosing a condition and performing a surgical procedure are of great importance to our team, but these stages aren’t the end all when it comes to patient care. Our physicians create custom complete care plans for our patients, from pre-operation care, to post-operation follow up, pain management solutions, dietary planning and more.

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